News & Events

News & Events

01Nanju Manither (Man of Poison) street play was scripted and programme directed by Mr.S.Chandrakumar, Head of the Department of Fine Arts, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. This drama was performed by the Students of Department of Fine Arts at nearby the Kaluthavalai Maha Viddiyalayam for campaign programme of kaluthawalai on 28/06/2018 at 10.30 am

DSC 0162Makidi Kooththu was performed at Munaikkadu Nagashakthi Temple at 10.00 pm on 19/06/2018. This programme was facilitated and coordinated by Mr.S.Chandrakumar Head of the Department of Fine Arts, EUSL. Mr.S.Chandrakumar had acted as “police - inspector” in this performance.

DSC 7364 1The Concept of Rehearsal and Discussion was arranged by Mr.S.Chandrakumar director of drama to develop the theme of street Drama and Drama elements of aesthetic in in - front the Senate Building of EUSL on 06/06/2018 at 9.00-12.30.

Workshop on Open Street Map

Open Street Map Workshop was held at Faculty of Arts, Department of Geography on 31/05/2018

DSC 0220Field Trip was organized by department of history, guided by prof. P Pushparatnam (university of Jaffna) and Students visited to kadukkarai kulam in Mannar. On 29, 30. 05. 2018.

01Makidi koothu (one of the traditional theatre performance art forms in Batticaloa region) was performed, facilitated and programme modified by Mr.S.Chandrakumar, Head of the Department of Fine Arts.  This programme was organized for community by the students as well as Lectures of Department of Fine Arts, EUSL, in the premises of kokkaddicholai Thanthodrishwarar Temple on 07/05/2018.

Exhibition and sale for Handicrafts and local Food


The Event, “Multi –Cultural Music Festival – 2017” under Aesthetic & Creative Development Programme for the Students was organized and coordinated by Mr.S.Chandrakumar, Head, Department of Fine Arts, EUSL on 11.12.2017 at the premises of the Eastern University. The Students from all Faculties and Common Student Union were participated as the participants in various aspect of this programme.

10 Oct 2017

Programme Review

Programme review for the general degree and social sciences had commenced yesterday (09.10.2017) and this process would be completed on 11.10.2017