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News & Events

IT skill training visually challenged students

It is with pleasure to note that the faculty of arts & culture in association with a voluntary organization USA has launched a two days training programme on 19.06.2017 on skills development to the visually challenged students.

In the Department of Geography celebrated the World Environmental Day programme under the theme of “Connecting People to Nature” on 05th June 2017 at Nallaiah Auditorium EUSL under the leadership of Dr.M.Varnagulasingam, Head of the Department of Geography.
The programme conducted joinly with Chenkalady Pradhesa Saba and Divitional Secretariat of Chenkalady.

The Faculty of Arts & Culture In order to strength the post-graduate programme has recently a unit named “Post-Graduate Studies Unit” was declared opened by Mr.M.Ravi, Dean/ Faculty of Arts & Culture.

Department of Philosophy and Value Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Culture