01 6612Exhibition and sale for Handicrafts and local Food

According to the syllabus of 1st year students of Fine Arts, exhibition and selling of handicrafts and indigenous food was organized by Dept. of Fine Arts on 06.02.2018. The concepts: self-production, management and organizing techniques were emphasized in this event. This event was facilitated and organized by Mr.S.Chandrakumar Head/ Fine Arts.

Professor T. Jayasingam Vice Chancellor, Dr.S.Jeyasankar, Director, Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetics Studies, Mr.M.Ravi, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Culture, Mrs.V. Ragel, Dean of Faculty of Commerce and Management, Dr.P.Sivarajah, Dean/Faculty of Agriculture, Dr.(Mrs.) M.Vinobaba, Dean/Science, Mr.W.J.Jeyaraj, Librarian, Mr.Ahamed Lebbe Sayeth Saabith Centre for Information & Communication Technology, Dr (Mrs). C. Mahendranathan, Director, CEDE, Dr.S.Sutharsan, Director, SDC, Mr. M M Mohamed Fareez, Bursar, Heads and Coordinators, Senior Academics, academics, Students and Non -Academic staff of Faculty of Arts & Culture and others were presented in this occasion.