Faculty of Arts & Culture

Exhibition and sale for Handicrafts and local Food


Multi –Cultural Music Festival – 2017

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Ceremonial Opening of the Department of Philosophy and Value Studies

Department of Philosophy and Value Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Culture



Be a forum to produce scholars with action oriented with global, independence and social perspectives.


Play a major role in generating action-oriented scholars of versatile to the global trend, absorbing local identities, knowledge and values of the nation.


Message from Dean

Dean Mr. M. Ravi

It is my pleasure to write a few words in the web page of the Faculty of Arts and Culture.

Faculty of Arts & Culture was established at Eastern University, Sri Lanka in 1986 and at present sixteen subjects are being offered under 11 Departments and two Disciplines named such as Economics and Christianity the Faculty. The Faculty is committed to produce good students . Read More...

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