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Mrs. Vasanthakumary Selvanayagam


Mrs. Vasanthakumary Selvanayagam
B.A. (Hons) in Geography, (UPDN), M.Phil (UPDN)
Senior Lecturer - Gr.II



Name: Mrs. Vasanthakumary Selvanayagam
Designation: Senior Lecturer - II
Academic qualification: B.A. (Hons) in Geography, (UPDN), M.Phil (UPDN)


Tel: +94 652240739 (Office)
Official Address:
Department of Geography
Faculty of Arts and Culture
Eastern University, Sri Lanka


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  18. Vasanthakumary, S. (2013). North East Monsoon Rainfall Induced Landslide Hazard and Non-structural Preparedness. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium 2013, South Eastern University, Sri Lanka.87-93

Research Interest

  • Geological, Meteorological Hazards
  • Climate Change and Adaptation
  • Application of GIS 
  • Development studies
  • Urban Environment


  • Physical Geography – (Geomorphology, Climatology, Applied Hydrology)
  • Environmental studies
  • Geography of Sri Lanka
  • Urban Geography
  • Research Methodology


  • Hilda Obeysekara Research Fellowship, Awarded by University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Positions Held

  1. Career Guidance Academic Advisor, Faculty of Arts and Culture, (from October 2022).
  2. Member of Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Association of Geographers (SLAG), 2022
  3. Student Councillor, Faculty Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2022
  4. Member of Editorial Committee, Annual Research Session 2021, Faculty of Arts and Culture, EUSL 
  5. Member of Organizing Committee, Annual Research Session (ARS) 2020, Faculty of Arts and Culture, EUSL 
  6. Member of editorial committee, 2018, Special volume to mark 150 years of Tea in Sri Lanka, Veerakesari Publications, Sri Lanka 
  7. Member of editorial committee, Neithal bi-annual Journal, Faculty of Arts and Culture, 2018/19
  8. Sub Committee member of Education and Research of GEE Cell, Faculty of Arts and Culture, EUSL 
  9. Senior Treasurer, Eastern Geographers Journal, Department of Geography, 2019/20
  10. Departmental Representative of Gender Equity and Equality (GEE) cell to Faculty Level GEE CELL of Arts and Culture, EUSL.
  11. Representative of Lecturer Probationary to Faculty Board of Arts and Culture, Eastern University of Sri Lanka, 2016. 
  12. Student Councilor, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2017
  13. Member of Self Evaluation Report Preparation (Group 03: Programme Design and Development), Faculty of Arts and Culture, EUSL

Served as Resource Person/Speaker

  1. Speaker: Workshop on Challenges faced by Women in the Modern World: Initiatives and Solutions, Organized by GEE cell, Swamy Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies. EUSL, 3rd November, 2022.  
  2. Resource person: Workshop on How to conduct Research: Potential future research areas in the plantation sector, Mahaweli Reach Hotel, Kandy, 7th -9th October 2022
  3. Speaker: Talk on 2021: The Future of Coexistence, organized by Jaffna People’s Forum for Coexistence held on 19th January 2021
  4. Speaker: Talk on Glasgow World Climate Conference: Plans and practical challenges, Karuththukoodam – Session – 11, held on 4th of 2021
  5. Guest Speaker: Awareness programme on Landslide Risk and necessity of Preparedness in Hill Country, Sri Lanka, organized by Malayaha Forum for Transformation, held on October 31.10.2021
  6. Speaker: Talk on Women Politics in Upcountry, Book publication: 150 years of Ceylon Tea & Community, Institute of Social Development, Kandy, 2020.11.21
  7. Resource person: Seminar on “Resilient Houses for Natural Disasters”: World Habitat Day, organized by the National Housing Development Authority, Batticaloa on 4th of October 2017. 
  8. Speaker: Talk on “Recent Landslides and Challenges to Up-country People “for Late R.Sivalingam’s 18th Memorial Day on 10th of September 2017 at Tamil Sangam, Colombo.
  9. Resource person: Research forum organized by Hill-Country Social Action Group on the title of “Growing Threat of Landslide Disaster in Up-country and the need for Building Resilient Community” at Town Hall, Hatton on 2016.11.06
  10. Resource person: Seminar organized by the National Housing Development Authority, Batticaloa and delivered a talk on “Safe Housing Environment” under theme of Housing at Centre, 2016.10.06
  11. Resource person: Seminar organized by the National Housing Development Authority, Batticaloa and delivered a talk on “Voices from slums: Experience from Sri Lanka, on 2014.09.30 
  12. Resource Person: Seminar organized by the National Housing Development Authority, Batticaloa on the title of Urbanization in developing countries: Current trends and key challenges for sustainability, 2013.10.01

Contribution for National Projects: 

  1. Research Assistant: Kalu Ganga Irrigation Project funded by Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Mahaweli Authority, Sri Lanka, 2007  
  2. Research Assistant: An Appropriate Post-Disaster Tsunami Housing Reconstruction in Sri Lanka, funded by University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland with the collaboration of CES, University of Peradeniya, 2008
  3. Translator: EIA Report of “Rehabilitation of Gohagoda Dumpsite & Development of Integrated Solid Waste Management System for Kandy Municipal Council Project”, Eco Tech Limited, (Chapter 3)  
  4. Translator: IEE Report of Madapitiya Mini Hydro Power Project (Full Report) and Deegalahinna Mini Hydro Power Project (Phase I & II), 2011 -12
  5. Translator: National Atlas into Tamil (Text No 3.25 – Forest Plantation), Published by Survey Department of Sri Lanka.  
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