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Local Cultural Festival associated with Pattippongal of Department of Fine Arts, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. 

Pattippongal festival has been designed and celebrated as a cultural and scientific festival by the Department of Fine Arts of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka who have been involved in participatory research performance for the last ten years. 

In that respect, a local cultural festival related to Pattippongal, a feature of tradional cultural art, was held on Monday 20. 01. 2020 at 10.00 am in the premises of the department of fine arts, Eastern University under the supervision of Mr. S.Chandrakumar, Head of the department of Fine arts.  

Mr.S.Jeganathan, Acting dean, Faculty of Arts and Culture was participated as the chief guest for this event. Dr. S.Santhirasegaram, Head, Department of Languages, Dr. G.Thillainathan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences, Dr. M.Nadira, Senior Lecturer, Department of Languages and Mr. S.Retnaraj, Assistant Bursar were also present. Accompanying them were Senior lecturers from the department of fine arts Dr. S.Jeyashankar, Dr. V.Inpamohan, Mr. K.Ravichandran, and other lecturers from the department Mr. T.Gowrieeswaran, Mrs. T.Sathiyajith, Mrs. P.Ilango also graced in this occasion. 

At this event, Mr. Kulanthaivel Kanapathippillai, a veterinarian, shared his ideas on the theme “Cattle prod and Medicine”. Many lecturers and students took part in the discussion. Such events provided to the department with an assessment of their antiquity and tradition, as well as an understanding of its existence, need and significance, and the opportunity to carry out the relevant works on it.